Prohibited Items

Did you know that 50 percent of the so-called non-dispersible material in wastewater is paper towels from restrooms, followed by 25 percent of baby wipes, and then a mixture of condoms, cosmetic wipes, tampon applicators, and other items’? 

These items cause blockages which result in expensive service interruptions to both customers and the Municipal Authority

Think twice before flushing the toilet. These items should never enter the sewage system.

1. Paper Towels & Rags

2. Various “flushable” Wipes

3. Dryer sheets & Lint

4. Condoms

5. Tampons and Pads

6. Dental Floss

7. Contact Lenses

8. Cotton Swabs

9. Diapers

10. Tissues

11. Medication

12. Cigarette Butts

13. Hair

14. Chewing Gum

15. Cooking Grease and Oil

16. Bleach

17. Band-Aids

18. Paint

19. Cat Litter

20. Cotton Balls